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Washington Georgia is an excellent location for team building bringing together with Old South unique facilities in a naturally beautiful soothing environment that enables facilitators to provide a program based upon your corporate objectives.  Utilize team building exercises, games, and/or activities to help your group develop trust, self-confidence and respect for one another.  Personal growth does not just happen, it requires nurturing.  Open up new possibilities in the personal growth of your staff which translates in professional growth for your company.  Your company's success may depend on a team effort.  Empower your leaders with the necessary skills to keep your competitive edge.

Our Corporate Event Planners will identify your needs and arrange everything for you.  Old South is a full service Corporate Planning Company.

Team building can be an activity, exercise, game or workshop that focuses on communication, trust, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, icebreakers or pure fun.  Teambuilding games, exercises, activities can cover a range of purposes or ideas such as:


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  • Communication

  • Trust

  • Problem Solving

  • Group Consensus

  • Leadership

  • Coaching

  • Decision Making

  • Critical Thinking











Our team building affiliates can be incorporated into executive and corporate retreats to be used as a training game or excercise to spice up dull workshops, combined with Leadership Training and Development or other teambuilding events and work with every age group imaginable.

Successful team building requires that the underlying motivation is based on benefiting individuals personally.  Team building can have far reaching benefits for your organization. You can improve the way team members communicate, interact and you improve their ability to solve problems.  Better problem solving means more efficiency, tends to boost morale and productivity, decrease stress, turnover and operating costs.  To maximize your team building success, it must be mutually beneficial to the organization and to the individuals involved in order to perpetuate the process.  The stand-alone star who receives all of the attention and accolades is fine if they merit it, but that is not going to get you teamwork.  Our Team Building experts have affiliates that will organize and structure your team building events based upon your company's needs.  Washington Georgia is an excellent choice close to large cities but far from their daily routines.


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